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This immersive sound processor is mainly used for existing and newly built large, medium, and small panoramic sound cinemas, theaters, immersive performances, and other application scenarios. It adopts advanced HOA immersive sound algorithm and world-leading implementation solution, a mature and efficient transmission compression codec based on the IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force),RFC 6716 standard.And it adopts a global leading calibration algorithm for acoustic space, which has been market tested and patented based on multi-source spatial measurement and calibration technology. In response to the audio quality loss caused by compression coding, an innovative method is adopted to perform model reverse learning on the HF harmonics and MF/LF sampling values lost by the algorithm. We utilize the reverse convolution of NPU to achieve precise playback of the original sound and support multi-channel surround sound and immersive sound coding. The implementation technology of multi-channel surround sound is based on VBAP (Vector Based Amplitude Panning) and VBAP3D, and we added HOA (High-Order Algorithm) to support 7th order 64 channels high-precision sound field reconstruction.

  • Networking audio has played a crucial role in ultra multi-channel immersive sound systems.

  • From the perspective of signal backup system architecture, network audio transmission protocol has changed the transmission and connection modes of signals.

  • In terms of transmission mode, it replaces analog signal lines, making the implementation of large-scale systems easier with lower costs and higher communication data volume. In terms of connection mode, it breaks the serial mode of audio system signals from input to output and is transformed into a "star pattern" with network switches as the core.

  • The evolution has made network switches important nodes in the system.

  • The CADACMAP host and MAP/B backup machine are connected to all audio devices' main and backup network ports through a switch. The biggest advantage of the main and backup network audio transmission link is that its signal switching is completely automatic, and the switching process is almost imperceptible to auditory perception. Moreover, the distribution of signals has become more flexible.

  • As long as the device is connected to the network switch, signals can be extracted from any link in the system, greatly improving the flexibility of system combination. 

Sound field reconstruction algorithm: HOA
Sound field restoration accuracy: supports 7th order 64 channels
Total system delay:<0.3ms
Supported multi channel digital transmission protocol: C-LINKIAES67MILAN (future), supporting digital dual-backup
Supported mainstream DAWs for plug-in production: PT, Nuendo, Pyramix
Conform to the lTU/SMPTEIMMERSIVE AUDI0 international standards st2098-1-2018 st2098-2019 5t2098-5-2018 5t2109-2019
Conform to the ITU BS.2127 3Daudio, ATSC (International Television Commission) A/342, AC4 international standards, and compatible with Dolby and MPEG-H formats.
Upward and downward compatibility for multiple formats such as stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4, etc
Software, hardware, and chip codecs based on 32-bit single precision floating-point operations
Optimized for most domestic application scenarios with reference to theater and other related standards.
Provides efficient conversion tools for old contents
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