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British CADAC company was founded

The company name was derived from the first letter of the four founders. That same year CADAC built a new desk for the famous Morgan studio. In the following decades, CADAC recording desks were used in the studios of the world’s leading record companies, recording classic records for the Beatles,Queen,AC/DC,Elton John,Paul McCartney and many other famous bands and artists.


CADAC Built The First Desk For Live Theater

At that time, the requirement was that the spec for the console should be "studio quality audio", and this was the start of Cadac dominating the theatre market with nearly 70% of theatre shows using Cadac desks, including classic music plays such as The Lion King, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera. Not all Cadac consoles were found in recording studios and theatres, they were also the console of choice for concert touring for many internationally acclaimed performers including; Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Franz Ferdinand, Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli.


CADAC Brand Was Wholly Acquired by the SoundKing Group

In 2008, Cadac, reputed as "the Rolls-Royce" in the industry, had a financial crisis with the current Rolls-Royce. In order to preserve the legendary brand, Cadac employees persisted in waiting for the acquisition in case of no income for half a year. Such a high-quality team moved Wang Xianggui, president of the Soundking Group. Thus he saved "the Rolls-Royce" in the consoles. A total of 286 million yuan has been invested in the past 15 years.


CADAC Released the First Flagship Digital Mixing Console-The CDC8

It was specially developed for concert touring and fixed installations. The CDC8 redefined customers’ expectations for digital mixing consoles, setting CADAC's new standard with low latency, high sound quality, and ease of use that were previously unattainable.


CADAC Introduced CADAC METAUDIO Immersive Sound Technology

The purpose was to restore all kinds of sound effects heard by human in nature, that is, to restore the real sound. From the perspective of sound replay effect, only multi-channel 3D immersive sound technology can create a realistic feeling close to the scene for the listener.

Solutions Suitable for Each Application

Touring Concert

From The Master Room in London to RCA Records in Italy; From The Royal Opera House in England to the...

Public Space

In urban public Spaces such as sports venues, colleges, conference centers, theaters, theme parks, c...

Entertainment Space

In entertainment Spaces such as Livehouse, Electro Bar, KTV and esports, CADAC has high-quality soun...

Culture&Tourism SHOW

Architectural light show, water curtain show, live performance and other cultural and travel project...

Quality and Innovation In the Audio Field

The Cadac name has been synonymous with premium quality audio mixing consoles for over 50years. From the earliest recording studio desks in the late 1960s, which recorded classic tracksfrom major international artists, through to the live sound consoles found in prestigious theatresand on global concert tours, Cadac has always set the benchmark for quality. ln fact there are fewprands that can match Cadac's unparalleled pedigree in the world of professional audio.


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