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The AF48 adaptive sound field processor is designed to solve the bad listening experience in the professional sound reinforcement system applications under the interaction of electronic acoustics and physical acoustics. It is a breakthrough and innovative high-tech product in the field of professional audio processing.The AF48 adaptive sound field processor is based on the world's trendsetting audio research and development platform, the product is using FPGA algorithm to achieve the first 4096 high-order real-time FIR acoustic phase calibration processor, which efficiently solves the system delay on the sound quality due to the traditional DSP audio processing mode, to achieve the ultra-clear sampling, high-order computing, precise calibration of the 3D standard, so as to optimize the live sound reinforcement effect, making the sound really realize what you see is what you get.

Application scenarios: Suitable for theme parks, performance rentals, stadiums, theaters, LIVE HOUSE, conference halls, multi-function halls, cinemas, TV studios and other places to use.

FPGA high - order real-time FIR acoustic phase calibration technology

Significantly improve the mixing clarity, accurately achieve sound frequency flat response

Along with the specific needs of professional sound reinforcement application scenarios, the corresponding professional audio reinforcement systems are becoming more diverse. The loudspeaker selection and distribution forms are also getting more complex.As a result, more interfering audio content is amplified by multiple speakers in the same place,leading to serious sound interference problems arise. Complex frequency interaction leads to phase distortion and comb filtering seriously affecting the sound quality level, and these effects will definitely far exceed the traditional DSP audio phase processing capabilities, while the system delay generated by the serial calculation of the audio processing mechanism will also become an important factor affecting the sound quality of amplification. Audio system engineers will spend a lot of time to solve this problem.

When operating the AF48, just take the frequency sampling in the listening area, and the powerful FPGA computing core will automatically perform 4096 high-order frequency phase calibration of the captured signal. From the frequency sampling to the sound field calibration and frequency response optimization,all of these works to obtain high-quality processing results takes only a few seconds, and the system latency generated by its calculation will be less than 0.25 milliseconds. The operator can even control the software, including the frequency response curve design to define the overall style of the frequency response.

The AF48 has a significant improvement in optimizing the electronic sound field and significantly improves the final audio processing effect.The AF48 will become the super tool that every system engineer dreams of.

Analog input4xXLR(left and right channels), +24dBu max
Analog output8xXLR(about; Subwoofer + bass + alto + treble), +24dBu max
D/A converterDynamic range :120cb THD +N:-107dB
A/D converterDynamic range :120cb THD +N:-110dB
Sampling rate44.1, 48,88.2, 96176 activity, 192 (kHz),
Electrical specificationAC universal input :~95-245V; Power consumption :20Wmax

Measurement Microphone M480
Pickup typeElectret capacitive type
Head diameter1/4”(7mm)
Pickup methodOmni
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL(SPL)130dB
Balanced noise level<30dBA
Output impedance<600 Ohms
Power supply48v phantom power supply
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